Posts in SWOT Report vol. 5
Solving the “Ridley Riddle"

Back in the 1950s, the “riddle of the ridley turtle” stumped renowned sea turtle biologist Archie Carr. Where did that name come from? And where, indeed, did the turtles come from? Researchers have been working tirelessly to solve it ever since. In this Special Feature, SWOT presents the first ever global map of the biogeography of Olive ridley sea turtles.

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Trials and Tribulations of Turtle Excluder Devices

Turtle excluder devices (TEDs) have been shown to reduce sea turtle bycatch. Yet fishers often see things differently, and as with the use of any tool, the use of TEDs must be mastered through experience. Today, TEDs are widely accepted as part of the bycatch solution and are mainstreamed into daily fishing activities throughout the United States.

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