Posts in SWOT Report vol. 11
Action on Ghost Gear

Ghost gear—intentionally or unintentionally abandoned, lost, or otherwise discarded fishing gear—is a global conservation problem that affects dozens of marine species, including sea turtles. Ghost gear continues to catch target and non-target species long after being lost, abandoned, or discarded, a process called ghost fishing.

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Caught In a Net: Green Turtles and the Turtle People of Nicaragua

The extensive, shallow continental shelf of eastern Nicaragua is home to hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of green turtles that forage on the abundant seagrass that grows there. This green turtle aggregation is a mixed stock from rookeries and developmental habitats throughout the greater Caribbean from Bermuda to Brazil and to the eastern reaches of the Caribbean Sea. Playa Tortuguero, in Costa Rica, is the principal nesting beach from which foraging turtles in Nicaragua originate. Tortuguero is one of the world’s largest green turtle rookeries.

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Viva Tartaruga! Getting the Word Out In Creative Ways

São Tomé and Príncipe is somewhat lost and forgotten by the rest of the world. The few outsiders who do visit the country usually comment on the excellent coffee, the excellent chocolate (considered among the best in the world), and their shock at seeing sea turtle meat being openly sold in the market and sea turtles butchered on the islands’ picture-perfect beaches.

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