The Alliance for Tompotika Conservation– Indonesia (2008)

In Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, the Alliance For Tompotika Conservation/Aliansi Konservasi Tompotika (AlTo) has taken a comprehensive approach toward protecting sea turtles along the Tompotika Peninsula, while simultaneously confronting immediate and long-term challenges. In its campaign to stop poaching–the most urgent threat to local sea turtle populations–AlTo hires former turtle poachers to patrol beaches, and works with village leaders to enforce turtle protection laws.

 At the same time, AlTo seeks to foster long-lasting support for conservation efforts within the community through its Sea Turtle Conservation Awareness Campaign, which, to date, has reached more than 2,000 people. In 2008, a SWOT Outreach Grant helped AlTo hold educational meetings in schools and villages where it distributed information and worksheets to predominantly young audiences. As one former turtle poacher said: “we now understand about the turtles and how we have to protect them. The children really loved the awareness meeting, and they are now all talking about sea turtles. your conservation message has been received.”