Community Centered Conservation – Comoros (2008)

The Union of the Comoros in the Indian Ocean has some of the most important green turtle nesting beaches in the world. A 2007 study evaluating the effects of bycatch on sea turtles and marine mammals in the Comoros revealed that these exceptional green turtle populations were under serious threat from accidental and intentional capture by artisanal fishermen. On the basis of those findings, Community Centered Conservation (C3) used its 2008 SWOT Outreach Grant to organize educational workshops in five of the villages found to have the highest capture rates on the island of Grande Comore.

 Fishermen attending the workshops received copies of SWOT Report and waterproof stickers for their boats with the affirmation: “I don’t eat turtles; they are an endangered species!” Additional SWOT Reports were distributed in village libraries, community centers, and fishing syndicate offices, thereby providing further opportunities for community members to learn about the importance of their local sea turtle populations.