Oceanic Society — Micronesia (2007)

The Ulithi Sea Turtle Conservation Project, conducted through the Oceanic Society, is located on Falalop Island, Ulithi Atoll, Yap, Micronesia. Using a 2007 SWOT Outreach Grant, sea turtle education programs for the local community and visiting ecotourists were enhanced by educational materials from SWOT Report.

Educational outreach focused on regional sea turtle conservation activities that were created for teachers, students, and community leaders on Falalop Island. As a means of expanding outreach efforts, a Sea Turtle Information Workshop was held for educators from the whole of Yap state, attracting more than 30 participants, who received copies of SWOT Report and educational supplies to add to their schools’ libraries. Funds from SWOT supported educational exchanges between ecotourists and community members employed by the sea turtle project.

The SWOT grant, in combination with ecotourist donations, also facilitated a Sea Turtle Scholarship awarded to an outstanding Ulithi student to cover high school tuition fees. These programs have generated a greater commitment to the efforts of the local population involved in sea turtle conservation.