ProTECTOR–Honduras (2008)

Helped by a 2008 SWOT Outreach Grant, the Protective Turtle ecology center for Training, Outreach, and Research (ProTECTOR)) launched an island-wide educational outreach initiative involving school children ages 6–15, on Roatan Island, Honduras, with the goal of promoting a Turtle nesting Hotline.

 Together with presentations on sea turtles, SWOT Reports were provided to schools as library references, and students were invited to assist in launching the Turtle nesting Hotline by producing artwork and jingles to publicize the hotline numbers throughout Roatan Island and the Bay Islands. From the materials submitted by the children, four art designs and one jingle were chosen. when fully operational, the hotline will provide vital information about where turtles are nesting at any given time, thus helping to focus monitoring efforts on high priority beaches and establishing conservation measures for reducing human impacts at those sites.