Working together to protect sea turtles and their habitats worldwide...

SWOT Report, Vol. III

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  • Foreword — by David Griffin PDF
  • Sea Turtles through the Lens PDF
  • The Departure of the Turtle Mother — by Jack Rudloe PDF
  • Masthead and SWOT Advisory Boards PDF


  • The State of the World’s Hawksbills — by Jeanne A. Mortimer PDF
  • SWOT Feature Map: Worldwide Hawksbill Nesting Sites PDF
  • The Road to Conservation — by Roderic B. Mast PDF
  • The Hawksbill’s Distinctive Diet — by Anne Meylan and Scott Whiting PDF
  • Hawksbill Genetics Explained — by Alberto Abreu and Robin LeRoux PDF
  • Pacific Leatherback Sets Long-Distance Record
    — by Peter Dutton, Scott Benson, and Creusa Hitipeuw PDF


  • ¡CAREY! Where Have the Eastern Pacific Hawksbills Gone?!
    — by Alexander Gaos, Ingrid Yañez, and Wallace J. Nichols PDF
  • Modern Meaning in an Ancient Turtle Nest — by Gale A. Bishop and Fredric L. Pirkle PDF
  • Traditional Sensibility in the Andamans — by Manish Chandi PDF
  • Where Do Sea Turtles Nest in the Caribbean Sea ? — by Wendy Dow and Karen Eckert PDF
  • Shifting Shorelines: The Lesson of the Guianas — by Peter C. H. Pritchard PDF
  • Good News for Greens: Beach Protection Works
    — by Milani Chaloupka, Karen A. Bjorndal, George H. Balazs, Alan B. Bolten, Llewellyn M. Ehrhart, Colin J. Limpus, Hiroyuki Suganuma, Sebastian Troëng, and Manami Yamaguchiin PDF


  • Trade Routes for Tortoiseshell — by Marydele Donnelly PDF
  • Mass Turtle Poaching: A Case Study from Southeast Asia
    — by Nicolas J. Pilcher, Chan Eng Heng, and Romeo Trono PDF
  • Big Conservation Impact from a Small Island PDF
  • “There’s a great future in plastics…” — by Roz Cohen PDF


  • Leatherbacks—Going Faster Than You Think PDF
  • Reaching Out around the World: 2007 SWOT Outreach Grants PDF
  • Progress Report: Fishers Reduce Bycatch in the Eastern Tropical Pacific
    — by Carlos Drews PDF
  • Make Love, Save Turtles PDF


  • Data Citations PDF
  • Acknowledgments PDF
  • In Memoriam: Lance Ferris PDF


  • The State of the World’s Sea Turtles at a Glance PDF