MarineLife Alliance ⏤ Bangladesh (2006)

The sea turtle awareness campaign initiated by MarineLife Alliance in Bangladesh encourages sea turtle conservation around Cox’s Bazar, the tourism capital of the country and the nexus of 120 kilometers of threatened sea turtle nesting beach. Thus far, coordinated by Zahirul Islam at MarineLife Alliance, school awareness programs have been implemented in two schools in Cox’s Bazar, with more than 50 students in each school studying the biological and ecological roles of sea turtles and the importance of conserving turtles. Supported by a 206 SWOT Outreach Grant, brochures and posters derived from information in SWOT Report were provided to teachers in the schools to facilitate continued sea turtle education. Future plans for the campaign include sea turtle awareness festivals to be held in Cox’s Bazar and on nearby St. Martin Island, at which informational displays and large-print SWOT Report–based publications will be distributed.