Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society ⏤ Guyana (2006)

Recognizing the importance of education at the community level, the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society (GMTCS) used SWOT outreach grant funding and SWOT Report content to develop “Save Our Natural Heritage” sea turtle posters to increase awareness amongst coastal fisheries responsible for sea turtle bycatch. GMTCS Project Coordinator Michelle Kalamandeen visited communities throughout Guyana and worked with media to raise awareness using SWOT Report and the posters. On November 16, 2006, the campaign was presented during the Biodiversity Seminar held at Centre for the Study of Biological Diversity, University of Guyana, attended by staff and students from the University, representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency–Guyana, non-governmental organization staff, coastal community members, and one member of Parliament. With the support of the Ministry of Fisheries, GMTCS is continuing the campaign by conducting community workshops on sea turtle conservation and training fisherman in sea turtle–friendly fishing techniques.