SWOT Report, Vol. VIII

Explores obstacles to conservation and offers practical suggestions for how to overcome them. The report's Special Feature discusses the challenge of persuading people to take action for sea turtle conservation. Other articles address challenges such as fundraising, data standardization, studying turtles at sea, and more.



  • Persuasion: The Case for Saving Sea Turtles | by BLAIR WITHERINGTON

    • Scientists: Focusing on the Most Critical Questions in Sea Turtle Conservation | by LARRY B. CROWDER

    • Industrialists: Convincing Businesspeople That Conservation Is in Their Best Interests | by KELLIE PENDOLEY

    • Lawmakers: The Art of Legislative Persuasion | by GARY APPELSON

    • Policymakers: An Agency View of Conservation Action | by BARBARA SCHROEDER

    • The Public Advocacy to Support Policy, Take Action, Donate, and Speak Out | by RANDALL ARAUZ

    • Communities: Persuading People to Conserve Their Sea Turtles | by S. HOYT PECKHAM