Conservation Society of Sierra Leone ⏤ Sierra Leone (2006)

A 2006 SWOT Outreach Grant supported Edward Aruna’s work at the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone. The funds supported the design of an education and sensitization workshop around SWOT Report, using it as a curriculum to look at the worldwide status of sea turtles and Sierra Leone’s place within that global view. Among the 55 attendees were university professors and students, police, secondary school teachers, officials from the ministry of tourism and ministry of environment, non-governmental organization representatives, coastal community members, harbor masters, and journalists who covered the story in the next day’s news. Presentations based on specific articles from SWOT Report helped participants examine conservation activities in other areas of the world and review the current state of sea turtle conservation in Sierra Leone. Before ending the workshop, the partici- pants resolved to become a network of people who will continue to spread the word about sea turtle conservation in Sierra Leone and to support conservation activities in the future.