African Chelonian Institute — Senegal (2016)


All four sea turtle species occurring in Senegalese waters have a high mortality rate because of fishery pressures. The African Chelonian Institute (ACI) is working to better document the problem and its impact on turtles. ACI and IUCN Senegal conducted intensive beach surveys along a 184-kilometer (114-mile) stretch of the Senegalese coastline, documenting all strandings, performing necropsies, and sampling genetics from carcasses, and searching for signs of fishery interaction or other human-induced hazards.

 ACI used its 2016 SWOT grant to fund part of its continued efforts to conduct monthly beach surveys for one year to better inform stranding, nesting, and sighting data. The information collected will serve to initiate discussions with government agencies and fishers to explore possible methods to reduce fishery bycatch mortality.