Te Mana o Te Moana - French Polynesia (2012)

Te Mana o Te Moana has been working to protect sea turtles in French Polynesia since 2004, and its conservation education programs have reached over 39,000 children in the past eight years. despite a 1990 ban on harvesting sea turtles, their research has found that fishermen in the region lack a basic understanding of the threats to sea turtles and the vulnerability of their nesting and reproductive habitats to fishing practices.


Using its 2012 SWOT grant, Te Mana o Te Moana collaborated with the La Rochelle Aquarium and the French development Agency (AFD) to produce an educational book titled Sea Turtles of French Polynesia, which covers basic sea turtle biology and ecology, field identification, threats to turtles, conservation and research actions, and sea turtles’ cultural significance in French Polynesia.