ecOceanica — Peru (2011)


Since 2010, ecOceanica has been developing a marine conservation program in the north of Peru. In close collaboration with the fishing community of el Ñuro, the program has been studying the local foraging population of green turtles, as well as conducting an outreach program with local children. During November 2011, ecOceanica gave several talks in the community and brought nearly 50 kids to the local pier to meet the turtles. The program also developed a poster to highlight the positive relationship between the people and turtles of el Ñuro. That poster has been used to raise awareness about the community for residents of Lima, the country’s capital and largest city.

With support from a 2011 SWOT grant, ecOceanica will commission a mural in El Ñuro to celebrate the area’s marine life and to further encourage community engagement in conservation.