The Alliance for Tompotika Conservation — Indonesia (2009)

The Tompotika Peninsula sits at the extreme eastern tip of the central arm of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. there, The Alliance For Tompotika Conservation/Aliansi Konservasi Tompotika (AlTo) works with local villages to protect sea turtles and other endangered species from the primary local threat of poaching. In their sea turtle work, A1To staff members partner with local villagers to patrol beaches and to travel throughout the area to conduct community awareness campaigns using SWOT Reports and other educational materials.

Now in its second year, the turtle field program and awareness campaign has not only protected thousands of adult turtles and eggs but also reached thousands of Tompotikans with a conservation message that has both resonated and been embraced.

Recently, awareness campaign participants from the village of Taima prevented a poacher on a nearby island from slaughtering 26 sea turtles for market. after unsuccessfully confronting the poacher themselves, the people traveled three villages away to find a policeman who could enforce the anti-poaching law they had learned about through A1To’s campaign.