The University of Algarve – Cape Verde (2008)

Just off the western coast of Africa, the Cape Verde Archipelago provides significant nesting and foraging habitat for three species of sea turtle. In May 2007, the University of Algarve in Portugal, with the support of the Sisbon Oceanarium, began an ambitious sea turtle conservation initiative in Cape Verde that established the Sea Turtle House environmental education center; launched the live labs beach patrol and experiential education program; and produced an environmental education package of lesson plans, activities, and posters for elementary and secondary school teachers.

In 2008, a SWOT Outreach Grant helped to strengthen the programs with additional educational materials and to create posters for a traveling exhibit aimed at influencing national authorities. The exhibit was displayed at the first Praia Environmental Fair and was visited by the Cape Verdean president; prime minister; and minister of the Environment, Rural Development, and Marine Resources.