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Each year, SWOT awards several US $1,000 grants to sea turtle research and conservation projects around the world that fall within SWOT's three program areas: Networking & Capacity Building, Science, and Education & Outreach.

Applications for the 2019 SWOT grants program are due by September 23, 2019. Please use the application forms below to submit your application before the deadline. Application instructions are included in each application form. Winners will be announced by October 5, 2019.

This year we are working with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums and their Sea Turtle SAFE (Save Animals from Extinction) Program to make additional grants available for projects relating to the conservation of two of the top global priorities for sea turtle conservation: Eastern Pacific leatherbacks, and Kemp’s ridleys throughout their range. If you are working to improve the status of these critically endangered sea turtles, please apply! Click here to learn more about the AZA-SAFE program.

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Program area 1: Networking & Capacity Building

Through our Networking and Capacity Building grants, SWOT aims to:

  • Strengthen networks that facilitate information-sharing and coordinate sea turtle conservation efforts.

  • Build local or regional capacity for sea turtle research and conservation.


Program area 2: science

Through our Science grants, SWOT aims to support scientific work that fills critical gaps in knowledge about sea turtles that will support conservation objectives. This includes: 

  • Assessments of poorly known or recently discovered sea turtle populations (nesting, or at sea).

  • Research that will help address a specific conservation issue or management objective.


Program area 3: education & Outreach

Through our Education and Outreach grants, SWOT aims to support public education and outreach efforts that seek to motivate changes in human behavior in places where sea turtles nest, migrate, and forage. 


Please note: Grantees agree that, if awarded, the results of all research funded by SWOT will be made publicly available on a non-discriminatory basis. In the case of data collected that are relevant to SWOT’s global database, grantees agree to share the data with SWOT for inclusion in the SWOT database. Data holders will retain all ownership and control of their data, as stipulated in the SWOT Data Use Agreement.

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